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Royal Purple's proprietary additive technologies, such as Synerlec, enable its products to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants
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Dezel Hi-Base


Dezel Hi-Base® is a synthetic blend engine oil recommended for diesel engines operating on high sulfur diesel fuels commonly found in South America, Africa, Asia and Mexico. Engines using high sulfur fuels require engine oils with higher alkalinity (base numbers) to neutralize the corrosive acids formed when the sulfur in the fuel is burned. Generally, the base number required will be twenty times the sulfur content in the fuel.
Dezel Hi-Base® is offered in the following standard base numbers: 10, 15, 17, 20 and 30. (For export sale only) Note: Other base numbers available.

Dezel Hi-Base® contains Royal Purple's propritary Synerlec® additive technology, which prevents metal-to-metal contact, thereby greatly reducing all engine wear -- including ring, cylinder and bearing wear. This tough, synthetic film adheres to engine surfaces and remains there after shutdown providing instant protection upon startup.

Dezel Hi-Base® prevents oil breakdown caused by high temperatures, thereby extending both oil and filter life. Dezel Hi-Base® is fully compatible with other mineral and synthetic oils and has excellent seal compatability.

Note: The solvency of Dezel Hi-Base® cleans wear metals and deposits left by previous oils. These wear metals and deposits may cause abnormally high values on used oil analysis until the engine is clean.

Find out more: See the PS & MSDS (Product Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets)

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"It occurred to us that we've yet to run a test with Royal Purple® oil that didn't result in a power gain—it might be a marginal gain (as with our little Acura Integra), but it's a gain.
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