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Royal Purple's proprietary additive technologies, such as Synerlec, enable its products to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants
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Synergy / Thermaglyde Worm Gear Oil


Royal Purple offers two premium worm gear oils: para-synthetic Synergy® Worm Gear Oil and fully synthetic Thermyl-Glyde® Worm Gear Oil.
Synergy® and Thermyl-Glyde® worm gear oils contain slippery, synthetic molecules plus Royal Purple's advanced Dynaglyde® additive technology to provide the lubricity and oiliness properties necessary to excel in worm gear lubrication.

Both oils utilize a dense, high molecular weight, synthetic cushioning additive that protects against fatigue failure from sudden shock loads.

Royal Purple's worm gear oils are noncorrosive to both ferrous and nonferrous metals. (Note: Worm gear manufacturers state that Sulfur-Phosphorous EP gear oils can cause rapid deterioration of bronze worm gears and should not be used.) Their excellent oxidation stability and water separating properties extend oil drain intervals and prevent the formation of sludge that frequently occurs in wet gear boxes.

Thermyl-Glyde® fully synthetic worm gear oil is recommended where heavy loads, shock loads, low operating speeds and / or high operating temperatures are encountered.

Find out more: See the PS & MSDS (Product Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets)

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"It occurred to us that we've yet to run a test with Royal Purple® oil that didn't result in a power gain—it might be a marginal gain (as with our little Acura Integra), but it's a gain.
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