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VP Preservative Oil 10


VP Preservative Oil 10 is recommended for use to prevent rust and corrosion in engines, gear boxes and other closed systems that will be stored for periods up to one year or more.
VP Preservative Oil 10 is a rust preventive oil that prevents the rust and corrsion of all metal surfaces to which it is applied. In addition, it fills any closed spaces with vapors to prevent rust and corrosion of surfaces not contacted by the oil.

The vapors from VP Preservative Oil 10 form a monomolecular layer on all metal surfaces. This layer passifies the metal surface to prevent rust and corrosion. Since VP Preservative Oil 10 is used in closed systems the protective layer is constantly maintained. The length of time the protection continues depends upon how well sealed the closed system is and how much temperature-induced "breathing" of the system occurs.

Find out more: See the PS & MSDS (Product Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets)

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