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Royal Purple's proprietary additive technologies, such as Synerlec, enable its products to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants
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Industrial Products

Acivac™ & Acilube™ Synthetic lubricants for acid gas service. Formulated for service in acidic environments to greatly extend oil change intervals while keeping equipment clean.

Aegis® 2-Cycle Natural Gas Engine Oil, with Synerlec®. An ashless, fuel-saving, high performance, synthetic, gas engine oil blend designed to offset both rising fuel and operating costs.

Air Hammer Oil Premium Rock Drill Oil, with Synslide®. An ultra-tough, para-synthetic rock drill / air hammer oil designed to increase the life of air hammers and rock drills.

Barrier Fluid FDA® Buffer / barrier fluid for mechanical seals. A pure, non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals.

Barrier Fluid GT® Buffer / barrier fluid for double and tandem mechanical seals. Recommended for use at elevated temperatures where a nitrogen purge is not an option and when FDA purity is not required.

CAP™ Cylinder and packing gland lubricant, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in reciprocating compressors that compress inert gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, ethylene, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, butane, propane, propylene, helium, LPG, etc. Cap™ is commonly used in gas reinjection compressors.

CMT™ Manual transmission fluid, with Synerlec®. Meets the requirements for Caterpillar TO-4; Allison C-4, CF-2 and CF; Eaton; and Dana manual transmissions.

Coupling Grease Synthetic coupling grease, with Synslide®. A lithium complex, high film strength grease that provides superior resistance to oil separation from the high centrifugal forces generated by couplings.

Dezel Hi-Base® Super-Tough Diesel Engine Oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for diesel engines operating on high sulfur diesel fuels commonly found in South American, Africa, Asia and Mexico.

Hy-Therm™ 707 A synthetic, heat transfer fluid with a thermal conductivity 50 to 100 percent greater than many widely used heat transfer fluids. Systems remain cleaner and its low temperature fluidity eliminates the need to drain fluid during cold weather shutdowns.

Marine Hydraulic Oil™ Synthetic blend hydraulic oil, with Synerlec®. An inherently biodegradeable, ashless, environmentally responsible, high performance, hydraulic oil formulated for those users that need a high performance oil to protect their equipment yet are concerned about the environment.

Max ATF® Automatic Transmission Fluid. Recommended for all applications where Ford MERCON® / GM DEXRON® III transmissions fluids are specified. Provides outstanding rust and corrosion protection.

Max-Chain® Dry film / EP lubricant, with Synerlec®. Recommended for chains and open gears operating in dusty environments.

Max EZ® Synthetic power steering fluid, with Synerlec®. An advanced power steering fluid designed to maximize the life and performance of all power steering units.

Maxfilm® Multi-purpose aerosol lubricant / penetrant / preservative, with Synerlec®. A high film strength, multi-purpose, synthetic lubricant / penetrant that excels in plantwide maintenance-related applications.

Max-Gear® High performance gear oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for truck and automotive differentials, outboard motor lower units or in rear axles or manual transmissions requiring an API Base Gl-5 fluid.

Max-Tuff® Assembly lube, with Synslide®. An ultra-tough, synthetic lubricant designed for use in reassembling repaired equipment.

Needle Oil Synthetic industrial oil, with Synerlec®. A high-performance lubricant for industrial applications such as high speed spindles and die grinders.

NGL-NS™ Hydrocarbon gas compressor oil. A premium, synthetic lubricant specifically designed to increase the service life of reciprocating gas compressors in hydrocarbon service where sulfur-sensitive catalysts are present downstream of the compressor.

Open Gear Guard XP Dry film / EP lubricant, with Synslide®. Designed to lubricate open gears subjected to heavy loads in dusty or dirty environments. Easily applied by either spraying or brushing.

Paper Mill Grease Synthetic paper / pulp processing grease, with Synslide®. A high performance, aluminum complex, synthetic grease designed to lubricate a wide range of typical paper / pulp processing applications using a single grease.

Parafilm® Compressor, pump, turbine and general plant lubricant, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in air compressors, pumps, turbines, bearings and general plant equipment where premium performance is desired but the use of a fully synthetic oil is not a viable option.

Para-Syn® / PM Para-synthetic paper machine oil, with Synerlec®. A premium oil designed to eliminate bearing wear and high temperature deposits that are consistently troublesome to paper machines.

Poly-Guard® FDA High performance FDA / USDA H-1 oil, with Purolec®. Recommended for use in compressors, pumps, gear boxes, bearings, blowers or almost any other equipment in food processing or pharmaceutical plants requiring oil.

Quadrex® Premium 4-Cycle Gas Engine Oil, with Synerlec®. A low ash, fuel saving, high performance, synthetic blend 4-cycle natural gas engine oil.

Quadrex® Hi-Base Premium 4-Cycle Gas Engine Oil, with Synerlec®. Formulated for gas engines using high sulfur fuel. Its synthetic solvency controls ash, yet it will still protect against the harmful effects of corrosive fuels.

Royal Flush Oil circulation system cleaner. A safe, effective and inexpensive product for cleaning sludge and varnish from equipment while in service.

Royal Purple® Motor Oil High performance engine oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in gasoline and diesel automotive, commericial fleet and stationary industrial engines.

Royal Purple® 2-Cycle TCW III Two-cycle gasoline engine oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in both pre-mixed and injected gasoline two-cycle engines.

Syn V EMD™ Synthetic EMD engine oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for EMD / GE diesel engines with silver-coated bearings.

Syndraulic® Premiere hydraulic oil, with Synerlec®. A clean, long life, energy efficient, minimum leak, hydraulic oil possessing exceptional film strength and wear protection properties.

Syndraulic® Extreme Low temperature synthetic hydraulic oil, with Synerlec®. A clean, long life, energy efficient, minumum leak, hydraulic oil specifically designed for hydraulic systems operating at low ambient temperatures.

Synergy® High performance EP gear oil, with Synslide®. Royal Purple's best-selling EP gear oil is designed to smoothly lubricate gears under virtually all conditions.

Synergy® Worm Gear Oil High performance gear oil, with DynaGlyde®. A high film strength, para-synthetic lubricant that contains slippery, synthetic molecules and special anti-wear additives to provide the lubricity and oiliness properties necessary to excel in worm gear lubrication (including cylindrical and double enveloping worm gears).

Synfilm® Synthetic air compressor and industrial oil, with Synerlec®. Royal Purple's best-selling industrial lubricant and is recommended for use in air compressors, pumps, bearings, gears, air tools, etc.

Synfilm® GT Multi-purpose industrial oil, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in gas and steam turbines, blowers and vacuum pumps, bearings, gears, air tools, etc. Synfilm® GT should be considered instead of Synfilm® when: oil reservoir temperatures exceed 200° F, improved low temperature fluidity is desired or when a viscosity grade is not available in Synfilm®.

Synfilm® GTO Gas turbine oil. Recommended for the lubrication of gas turbines where unique operating conditions exist or where Original Equipment Manufacturer warrranties require the use of non-EP oils. Approved by Solar Turbines.

Synfilm® NGL Hydrocarbon gas compressor oil, with Synerlec®. A long life, high film strength, synthetic lubricant specifically designed to increase the service life of rotary screw, centrifugal, rotary vane and reciprocating gas compressors in dydrocarbon service.

Synfilm® Recip. Reciprocating air compressor oil, with Synerlec®. A long life, high film strength, energy efficient, synthetic lubricant that excels in the lubrication of reciprocating air compressors.

Synmist® Air mist lubricant, with Synerlec®. A high film strength, synthetic lubricant specifically designed for use in centralized air-mist lubrication systems.

SynTractor™ III & SynTractor™ III WG Universal tractor fluid, with Synerlec®. Recommended for farm tractors where one common reservoir supplies the transmission, hydraulic system, differentials, wet brakes and final drives.

Synway® Slide and way lubricant, with Synslide®. An ultra-tough, tenacious lubricant designed to effectively lubricate machine tool slides and ways.

Thermasil™ T-100 Maximum load silica gel synthetic grease, with Synslide®. A viscous, water resistant, tacky grease designed to protect extremely heavily loaded, low speed bearings or sliding surfaces (such as open gears, skid-rails, etc.) that operate in wet or hot environments where other EP greases perform poorly or even fail.

Thermax™ 680 Grease Special purpose EP grease, with Synslide®. Recommended for low speed or high temperature bearings requiring the use of a grease formulated with a heavy base oil.

Thermax® Semi-Fluid Grease Special purpose synthetic grease for gear boxes, with Synslide®. An ultra-tough, aluminum complex grease designed to lubricate gear boxes requiring the use of a semi-fluid grease and leaky gear boxes.

Thermyl-Glyde® Severe service gear and bearing oil, with Synslide®. Has all of the advantages of Synergy® but is recommended where heavy loads, shock loads, low operating speeds and / or high operating temperatures are encountered.

Thermyl-Glyde® Worm Gear Oil Synthetic gear oil, with DynaGlyde®. Recommended for use in very heavily loaded, slow speed and / or high temperature worm gear service.

Thermyl-Tuff® Maximum load synthetic lubricant, with Synslide®. Recommended for heavily loaded open gears, skid rails, bushings, couplings, bearings, cables, etc., or low speed bearings operating at high temperatures.

Thread-Glyde™ FDA Food Grade Anti-Seize Compound. A premium quality, anti-seize compound developed specifically for use in applications where incidental food contact is possible.

Ultra-Performance® Clear FDA Grease Clear synthetic food service grease. A colorless, nonstaining, nondrying, biodegradable, aluminum complex H-1 grease. Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Ultra-Performance® White FDA Grease White synthetic food service grease. An aluminum complex, white H-1 grease authorized by USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Specifically designed for use in the food processing industry where it may have incidental contact with food.

Ultra-Performance® Grease Multi-purpose synthetic grease, with Synslide®. A high performance, aluminum complex grease which satisfies the widest range of grease requirements and is recommended for bearings and general purpose use.

Ultra-Performance® Grease (32, 46 or 68) Special purpose synthetic grease, with Synslide®. Recommended for lubricating bearings operating at high speeds or at very low temperatures that require a grease with light viscosity oils.

Uni-Chem™ An inert, ashless, multi-synthetic lubricant, which is chemically stable and free of impurities found in other mineral and synthetic oils. Recommended for use with inert / reducing gases ( such as nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, carbon monoxide, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane, ethylene, etc.).

Uni-Temp™ Synthetic refrigeration oil, with Synerlec®. A long life, high film strength, refrigeration lubricant that provides superior performance in both rotary screw and reciprocating refrigeration compressors.

VP Preservative Oil 10 Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. Recommended for use to prevent rust and corrosion in engines, gearboxes and other closed systems that will be stored for periods up to one year or more.

Wire Rope Lubricant Wire rope lubricant, with Synslide®. Contains specially formulated synthetic lubricants, penetrants and synthetic additives that significantly extend the service life of wire ropes over a wide range of temperatures and working conditions common to the mining, marine and construction industries.

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