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FAQs on Purple Ice
Can I run Purple Ice instead of coolant/antifreeze?

No. Purple Ice is not intended to replace coolant/antifreeze in street applications. Antifreeze is still needed to decrease the freezing point of the mixture. Even in warm climates, we recommend running at least a 15% antifreeze mixture.

Why is Purple Ice better than the existing radiator additives?

Like the existing radiator additives, Purple Ice provides both additional cooling to the vehicles system by reducing the surface tension of the mixture. Additionally, Purple Ice provides protection to the fragile metals from corrosion, erosion and electrolytic damage. This benefit is not offered from other products.

Will increasing the Purple Ice ratio improve the performance characteristics?

No. Purple Ice is intended to be run at approximately 30ml of additive per Litre of water/antifreeze mix. Increasing this ratio will not result in additional heat transfer.

Is Purple Ice suitable for use in diesel applications?

Yes. Purple Ice excels in both gasoline and diesel environments.

Will Purple Ice Provide protection from cavitation corrosion?

Yes. The level of nitrite contained in Purple Ice is sufficient to provide protection from cavitation corrosion. Where nitrite levels are critical, the ratio of Purple Ice can be increased from 30ml per Litre to 45ml per Litre.

Is Purple Ice Compatible with the newer generation of factory coolant/antifreezes?

Yes. Purple Ice is fully compatible with the newer fluids used in some late model vehicles.

For more detailed and technical data, read the PS & MSDS (Product Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets).

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