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Racing FAQs

Can I use racing oils in my street car?

Yes. Royal Purple’s racing oils are formulated with detergents / dispersants necessary for daily use. The heavier grades (i.e. XPR 5W30, XPR 10W40 and XPR 20W50) may be used in street driven applications. However, Royal Purple’s racing oils do not conform to API and / or ILSAC licensing requirements and should not be used when vehicle warranty is an issue.

What is the difference between your SAE motor oils and your racing oils?

Royal Purple’s motor oils are formulated to provide unparalleled performance and protection and comply with API / ILSAC specifications. Its racing oils vary in viscosity and formulation as compared to the SAE motor oils to provide the greatest performance gains possible without regard to API, SAE and / or ILSAC specifications.

How do I get Royal Purple to sponsor my race car-team?

Royal Purple’s involvement in motorsports is primarily for research and development purposes. Racing aids us in developing new and inspiring products. We are highly selective with whom we decide to work with and limit our involvement to a few select racers/teams. Inquiries about Royal Purple’s racing program should be sent to sales@royalpurple.com.au

What product should I use in my race car?

Royal Purple has several options for racers. Its standard motor oils are formulated to outperform many of the "racing" oils on the market. But Royal Purple’s racing oils redefine the category. Royal Purple’s racing oils offer an even greater performance increase than its motor oils. With that said, the following are some guidelines to determine which products to use. As a point of reference, Royal Purple recommends using a racing oil that is closest in viscosity to the oil the race car is currently using (e.g. a racer using a conventional or synthetic 20W50 racing oil would be safe using either Royal Purple’s SAE 20W50 motor oil or upgrading to Royal Purple’s XPR 20W50). The tolerances to which the motor was built can play a role in an oil recommendation. Looser specs (e.g. greater than .003") might require heavier weight oil than a motor built to tighter specs (e.g. .002") to maintain idle oil pressure. Keep in mind that it is much easier to be conservative and use heavier weight viscosity oils and then go lighter when experience and comfort level dictate.

Can I run your oils with exotic fuels (alcohol, methanol, etc.)?

Yes. Royal Purple’s lubricants can be used with exotic fuels. For the best protection, Royal Purple has formulated its XPR 5W20 and XPR 10W40 specifically with this in mind. These two oils are formulated to combat fuel emulsification to hold up even better than Royal Purple’s other racing oils in alcohol and methanol applications.

Does this mean that I should not run your other oils with these fuels?

Not necessarily. Royal Purple’s other oils will still perform better than conventional racing oils; however, Royal Purple specifically formulated XPR 5W20 and XPR 10W40 with these requirements in mind.

How should I break in my racing motor with your oil?

We recommended using Royal Purple Break-In Oil, formulated to allow optimal ring seal and protect rotating assembly components. As a general rule, follow your engine builder’s guidelines. On street setups, the rings should seat within the first three or four times the engine is brought to temperature. After the rings have seated, change to Royal Purple.

Can I use Royal Purple with coated bearings?

Yes. You may use Royal Purple on newly coated bearings without needing a mineral oil break-in period.

How often should I change the oil in a race car?

This can vary depending upon application and the level (amount) of contamination (i.e. dirt, fuel, water, etc.). A good rule of thumb is to find out the racer’s current type of oil and oil change interval. If the racer is using petroleum oil, you should feel comfortable doubling or tripling their change interval. If the racer is running another synthetic, you can feel comfortable doubling their change interval.

How will running your product affect my oil temperature?

In most instances, vehicles with properly functioning cooling systems can reduce oil temperatures by 5-20°C by using Royal Purple.

My retailer doesn’t carry XPR – why can’t they order it?

Retailers choose the products they elect to stock and order for a myriad of reasons. Consumer-centric retailers will order any of the products we offer. A number of online ‘e-tailers’ such as www.royalpupledirect.com.au carry all of our consumer products.

What product do you recommend for use with nitro-methane?

Royal Purple’s full line of “Nitro” oils have been specially formulated for use in high power nitro and blown alcohol applications.

What do you recommend for a Lenco transmission?

For the 5 speed transmission, Royal Purple’s ATF or XPR 0W10 motor oil is recommended. For a 3 speed, Max ATF is the best bet.

I notice a heavy odor from the gear oil after a race. Is this normal? Why?

The noncorrosive, extreme pressure additives in gear oils do give off a distinctive odor, which can be magnified under extreme racing conditions. This is normal for API-GL5 hypoid gear oils containing sulfur / phosphorous extreme pressure additives.

Is it true that your oils lose their performance edge after six or eight passes? (Drag Racing)

No. Royal Purple has not found any evidence that it shows deterioration in performance after being subjected to race conditions. It is possible that fuel dilution contamination may start to hinder the performance of the engine oil; however, dyno results do not support this claim.


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